Sunday, 1 August 2010

You know what? Pak got out for 80

Have you seen today's scorecard? The one of the first Test between Pakistan and England? If you haven't you should. It goes very nicely at Pak's second innings, with a double figure at the top, nice single digits in between and a double digit at the end. Apart from this interesting pattern, there was nothing impressive about Pakistan's batting.

I want to rage about it all again, but I've decided that moaning over Pak's batting is a wastage of time. You'll have to do it too often.

So here comes this Test too an end, we now probably now Asif and Aamer are still a step behind to be the number one pace duo, their batsmen don't know where the handle of a bat is (there, I moaned again), and their Test troubles continue. I'll do my best to forget what happened in these eventful four days, another embarrassing memory.


Stani Army said...

Nooooo! Asif and Aamer are number one. You've been influenced by the rubbish batsmen who are making them look bad. They're getting to you Sunny, they're getting to you.

sunny said...

Stani, if they were truly number one they wouldn't have let England build such a large last wicket partnership. They're bloody good, but just not number one yet.
And don't talk of the rubbish batsmen before I feel like doing something really cruel to them.
And Pakistan's bowlers are getting me? They will have to be awfull clever to catch me, you know. :P

Stani Army said...

Who is number one then Sunny? Put them in that situation and they'd do worse! You must remember that our bowlers have fielders with no eyes and a wicket-keeper with no hands too.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

In the next Test all will be different because
MoYo will be back :)


sunny said...

Stani, I think it's nice we don't know who number one is.

Wes, I hope Pakistan will do better with Yousuf there, but their batting even collapsed in Aus when he was there.

Gen said...

Umm its okay gal, we felt the same when Blackcaps were 99 all out but well then we almost won the series, never gonna forget that! That rain! :(

Maybe Pak should open with Aamer now :P

sunny said...

Gen, you nearly won the series because you were playing against Pak, who are so vulnerable to brain explosions. ;)