Sunday, 8 August 2010

SA aren’t chokers

So says Steyn.
And I think he’s got a fair point.

Of course as a dinkum spectator who believes your eyes haven’t been watching lies you’ll shout they are. Yes, yes, bottling it in every tournament, reaching plenty of semis, always waltzing down in a crazy frenzy down the stairs at the end despite being the giant steamroller of the tournament; reminds you of chokers, right?

If I were a fair-weather supporter of this team, I’d be calling them the same (okay, I confess, I’ve had, but only at the moments when they were messing it up- I turned all good the next day). They can be an exasperating lot at times, but this choker word just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t spit out my annoyance that way. I’d rather give them a beating in real.

Okay, now what Steyn said is that this whole choker thing ‘sucks’ especially considering the majority of Sa’s squad have never played in a World Cup. He’s right, but the choker tag has become an inevitable mention with team SA, even though the new guys aren’t responsible for what their predecessors did. But it’s so demoralising that if they were an army, it would be like their tanks had gone on a holiday a day before battle. It’s unfair.

There have got to be some ways to do away with their incomprehensible big tournament bad luck (I’m deliberately avoiding the c word), but that will be for another day. Just don’t anyone suggest a Heimlich manoeuvre.



Purna said...

I've said this before and I will say this again. They are no longer chokers, they just suck.

sunny said...

Yikes, does that mean we'll have to call them suckers now? Seems even a worse name to me.