Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Swanny the Cat Saver

People make crazy accidents when they neglect traffic rules.
People ignore red lights when they urgently need to go the lavatory.
People play ghost riders when they’re getting late and know they’ll get a spit-laden lecture from pumpkin faced bosses.
People overspeed when they’ve drunken booze and come to know their cat is whining under some floorboard. Only to get screwdrivers.

"You wanna fight? I'll do anything to save my cat."

I had my doubts about Graeme Swann’s eccentricity, but now those have been confirmed.
Swanny is scared from his neighbours and so never asks for their screwdrivers.
Swanny has magnificent fingers and uses them to fix an odd little job at home.
Swanny loves his cat.

I think the police should realise this is more than enough reason to lock him up and then hand over the keys to me.


Purna said...

You know this stupid piece of news made it on the Canadian news channel? It's the first cricket-related sub-headline I have seen on Canadian channels. I am appalled.

sunny said...

I think this sadly reflects the state of news channels these days; focusing on the trivial things more than the important ones.
Btw you're lucky, I'm yet to see some cricket-related headline on a Belgian news channel. ;)

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

If it wasn't a court of law, I'd have thought he was taking the piss. Surely even he wouldn't ridicle the courts.

It's sounds like one of those stories that is so unbelievable, that it must be true.

Don't think he will kop any flak from the Ashes crowds for it though, will he!!!!!!!!!!!

sunny said...

Hi Dean,

I don't know, but Swann's story does come across as a bit incredible. I wouldn't believe it, but then again, why would he come up with such a lame excuse before the court? Might be a bit true after all, but nonetheless an irresistible topic to take some dig at. ;)
Well he might; it's unlikely the Aussies will forget. I won't mind if it makes the Ashes more interesting!


Stani Army said...

Why hasn't anyone raised the question that you don't screw your floor boards in, you nail them in. Surely Swan should have been out buying a claw hammer and not a screwdriver...or was he that drunk?

Hold on a minute, isn't screwdriver the name of a cocktail? He was on his bloody way to get more drink the sod!!!

Why doesn't the police hire me?