Saturday, 28 August 2010

Comedians at it again

Folks, they’ve done it again. And since I’ve already said ‘dammit’ enough during this match, I will just try to appreciate the whole darn situation and take this Test to be a slap stick comedy of A grade quality. A kind of comedy that starts with slight suspense, triggers our thoughts in a wrong direction before the actors on stage reveal their real identity.

In Act One, young lass Aamir with the name crisis scares the Poms with some beautiful bowling that gets commentators swooning and Stanis prematurely sink in the delights of victory. Seems like such a nice fairytale.

In Act Two, you’ve got Prince Trotterman and his Fair Lady Broadianne entering and then not wanting to leave the stage. Aam-i or e-r and his buddies fail at mending the situation, and suddenly it’s all like a dark comedy where the creeps are winning and being valiant. Now the comedy sucks.

In Act Three, you turn hopefully to the second batch of the Stani force-batsmen. Now here’s the part where you go out for a bag of popcorn and try figuring out what’s the best way to have a dose in your seat. When you wake up, ‘God Save the Queen’ is blaring, signaling a Pommie triumph for the Act with the Stani batsmen fallen of the stage.
Then comes Act 5, I see two warriors falling and I run off remembering Mom has cooked apple pies today and also because the comedy becomes too boisterous that it is unrealistic and illogical and I can’t stand the bad guys winning. I pretend nothing has happened therefore.

“Sunny,” you ask me, “have you seen the latest Stani-Pom comedy? The one where the Stan”.....Dum dee dum..I’m not listening.

I’ve only got a hiccup graph to show:

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