Sunday, 22 August 2010

Doing it the Stani way

The Stani boys won an unexpected one against the Pommies and that makes me glad.
They also did it the Stani way which makes me even happier.

Just look at the hiccup graph and smile


Pakistan doesn’t go out with a bully’s aura, grinding others to pulp in one go. They would have been the Aussies of the past if they did, and then I’d have to stop watching cricket. Because how ludicrous, insane, fickle, tommyrot, demented, galling, baffling, goofy and senseless they may get, they make cricket interesting and without them cricket would be a bore. No, it wouldn’t be, but I say so because I have to be hyperbolic here.

If Pakistan cricket were a king of the Middle Ages in a storybook, he would be poisoned one day, going to the gym the other, have his head chopped of the next and hacking traitors around a while after and becoming victorious. Of course he sometimes gets dumped into some grave, but it doesn’t matter. He’s always back the next day dancing a merry charleston in the top tower of his castle.
For these reasons, I wouldn’t ever want to close the storybook.


Stani Army said...

Can we have graphs drawn with your right hand next time?

Do us a Soufrican chokers graph Sunny, go on. It's very easy. It's a straight line that just drops vertically just short of the end.

Yes, isn't Pakistan cricket wonderful?! You know we should have invented it Sunny. I reckon we did but some English...sorry, Belgian bloke stole the idea.

Stani Army said...

Nice look by the way! I thought I had come to the wrong place!

Does mean I have to change that tagline of yours on my blogroll

Anonymous said...

Sunny, the new blog looks great! Really impressive. Now I think mine looks crap and want to change everything.

Stani, I reckon Pakistan must be quite an adventure at times!

sunny said...

No Stani, I'll draw them with my feet the next time. And don't make fun of my Saffers or I'll become mean to the Stanis.

Thanks for the compliment Stani, and you'll have to eat back your words now of me not being able to paint because I made the header all by myself. Now can you do that?

Thanks Sid! I got a bit bored by the old template and it didn't look personal. Oh no, you don't need to change yours now, I've got a bad habit of changing blog designs frequently.

Stani Army said...

Yeh, I thought it looked a bit amateurism. [runs off]