Sunday, 1 August 2010

An Inzi Cartoon

There's a bit of good news. Inzi might be coming back to Pakistan's cricket service as a batting coach. I didn't feel like writing anything about it, so I thought it'd be be better to draw then.

I know, not one of the best cartoons or picture quality, but I gave it a try. And not exactly my fault I dont've got a scanner at the moment.


Stani Army said...

I think it was a typo. It should be 'eating' coach and not 'batting' coach. Because our bowlers are having to do all the work, they've decided to bring in an eating specialist to try and put some meat on some of those bones.

Love the pic...even though it's not to scale :)

sunny said...

That's what actually written in the balloon: "Ya, if luck goes our way boys will learn to bat and eat more". ;)

It's a shame, I spent yesterday's evening drawing it and now when I upload it via camera it's so lousy.