Friday, 6 August 2010

Pak did it again

72 all out.



Pakistan is being so consistent with its unbelievably rubbish batting that I'm loving it.

Okay, I had said I would stay shut about it, but can I?

I'll try.

Actually, I'm so pissed off that I'll just pretend there is no match going on and concentrate on the game between the Lankans and Indians.

To be honest I only read the header on Cricinfo and didn't even check out the scorecard.

Shows how uninterested I already am.


Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Should probably have bowled first but on the other hand Strauss would have batted as well... Ah man. I am gutted for Salman

Purna said...

Pakistan's battling line up is worst than the Australian batting line up. There, I said it.

sunny said...

Wes, Pakistan know they aren't capable of posting an intimidating total so I can't understand why they opted to bat first.
It must be tough for Salman at the moment, but his own poor run this series so far hasn't helped him much either. Such a pity Yousuf isn't playing.

sunny said...

Hey there Purns, nice to see you after such a while. :)
I'd be ready to say the same, after all, can there be a batting line up worse than that of Pakistan?

Shridhar Jaju said...

What a grounding for Salman Butt after that win against the Aussies in his first match as captain!

80 all out and 72 all out! I remember when Pakistan were all out in 50s twice in the same match against Australia at Sharjah, Waqar Younis (then captain) had said, "We can't really get worse than this!"

Something similar for Salman Butt now!

sunny said...

I know Sridhar, Salman must be completely demoralised at the moment. I hope the current team also realises they can't get worse in terms of batting. As Cricinfo said, it undermines Test cricket.

HK Jain said...

We should not laungh on that. We are yet to see our batting side in England or such places.

What we Indian see daily is Ind vs SL.

sunny said...

Hi HK Jain.
Well I'm not Indian so I wouldn't exactly be laughing at Pak's batting, I'm feeling frustrated actually that they keep on disappointing me again and again.

You are right about India playing the same opposition too regularly and they should have more tours out of the subcontinent.