Thursday, 5 August 2010

You can’t get rid of Yousuf

When MoYo called it quits after the PCB’s ban-but-only-so-called-by-the-media, I thought it was a definite goodbye.
But so did I think when he became a rebel and joined the ICL.
And when he left and joined again.
I was fooled every time.

It’s a rare and annoying thing this. Like saying a favourite guest goodbye, crying a bit and then in the morning he’s standing before your door again. You’re happy because you like your guest but in your head you’re saying "Crap! What for did I sob all the night then? Now I’ll have to do it all over again."
One time is bad enough already, just think about two then.

It’s a bit of a similar situation with MoYo. Yousuf is a player I like and when he’s not playing, I find the Pakistani team a bit empty. According to me he brings a bit of sanity to a mad bunch and is one of the few batsmen of the current breed who you can call consistent. Of course he fields as bad as the rest, but MoYo is composed. And he’s got about the best beard in cricket, only Amla’s is as majestic.

When the whole ICL muddle was going on, I was piqued at the injustice of losing a wonderful player to this league which I couldn’t even watch on television. The next day the PCB said MoYo was back, before sending him off to home themselves. The guy ‘retired’ and having watched a whole lot of processes done by McGrath, Inzi and Lara etc under this solemn name, I decided he wouldn’t be back. Wrong. The next day he stood at my door again.

Salute MoYo, the man who bravely came back every time again

Of course I welcomed him back. I thought the bloke doesn’t deserve to leave without a ‘proper’ retirement. Which is leaving the field whilst acknowledging the crowd and getting emotional. This is what he deserves.


Stani Army said...

Amla's bald head spoils the beard. MoYo wins! BUT, have you seen our old Saffa Andrew Hall?! He's over here playing county cric and he has grown a proper beard! Will post a pic if I can find one.

I think Yousuf is the most graceful batsmen in cricket. Lovely to watch. God knows what happens to him in the field. I bet if you let him field with a bat in his hand he'd do better!

Stani Army said...

Bosh! I hope the video works.

sunny said...

Spoils the beard? No, a bald head actually emphasizes the majesty of his beard..they're on a draw.
MoYo is my favourite Stani player and about the only one who plays with common sense. So I forgive him for his horrendous fielding.

I remember Hall but I haven't seen him recently. I checked out the link but I only arrive at a county cricket page of BBC sports, where's the video?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's back. I think he was treated fairly crap over the tour to Australia. It must have been shit as captain. He was told either before or during the tour that he wouldn't be captain once it was over - what inspiration does he have there to captain well?

And then the saga of Sydney and all the accusations ... he has had it pretty tough. I like Yousuf. Let's have more of him.

Stani, I still like Kamran Akmal as well. He's so little and cute.

sunny said...

I know Sid, Yousuf didn't deserve all of that rubbish on the tour. I think he was fed up of being treated unfairly and therefore just left. And now the PCB want him back.

Sid, Akmal would only be little and cute if he morphed into a beaver I think.

Purna said...

Once upon a time I thought only Michael Jordan can pull this crap. MoYo proved me wrong.

sunny said...

Well he's a Stani after all Purna, isn't he? :)