Monday, 30 August 2010

Fake IPL player reveals himself

Now the sucker has spoiled all the fun.

Heck, couldn’t he have fooled around folks a little longer? If I had so much traffic coming to my blog, I’d like to play an anonymous faker for a little while longer. No, no..not to tease...just for the fun. But on second thoughts maybe, pester people. It’s nice to keep everyone wrapped around your little finger.
Don’t frown. As long as the entertainment is provided it’s alright, okay?

In other news Koertzen has called McGrath a whinger. Rudi, the old man is retired leave him alone now, will you?
But about the issue of bowlers turning into nasty crybabies, I agree. I don’t like it either.

PS: I don’t have forgotten about the whole fixing-scandal, I just don’t want to ignore other cricket stuff because of it. And I think too much speculation is futile about the whole thing unless definite results are brought up.


Stani Army said...

Who is it Sunny?

sunny said...

A Mukherjee something. It would be a good idea if I took over as Fake Delhi Daredevil blogger, don't you think so?

Stani Army said...

No....You've told me now so it wouldn't work. Unless you can provide me with a lifetime's supply of different flavoured bubblegum :) then I wouldn't tell a soul