Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Temporary Goodbye to the Internet

I'm going off to some place and I might be without internet for several days which means no posting. It also means I'm going to miss all the current messy situation going on and will have to read tons of articles later on to catch up. So if there's any good bloke out there who could just gather the most important bits and then send them over to me, I'd be pleased.(there should be some volunteers now, because you become a good bloke if you do the job).

You might only miss this blog like a tootache, so in the meanwhile go around doing some useful stuff. I'm always at hand for free and good advice.

Have a good time.


Stani Army said...


Some place? Tora Bora mountains? There's no internet there! Am I right? Maybe we can play a game while you're away? Call it Where is Sunny? I've registered my guess, who's next?

"I'm going to miss all the current messy situation going on"...not gonna miss us then? Like that is it?

I'm a good bloke anyway.

oooo (few more in case I hadn't typed enough at the beginning)

sunny said...

Hey don't fret Stani, it's me here from some unknown place but I still managed to get hold of the net. Tora Bora mountains? Do those even exist?

Yes Stani I'm missed you. Just like a tootache.

Anonymous said...

Did you have a nice break? Where were you, btw? England? Nah, you ain't that silly!

Stani Army said...


[Sad music....lots of it]