Wednesday, 25 August 2010

AB tells us Broady sucks and Biff is a glutton

I just found this video of AB being asked about some 20 silly questions by Sports Illustrated.
I'm posting it here so I can fulfill my task of doing two posts today and it's already been a while since something about the Saffers has been up here.

I love the fact that AB finds Stuey Broad the most annoying player around. I've also disovered that Biff is the biggest gobbler in the team. Yes, even bigger than Jakes. The last questions just make me wonder why people are always interested in idiotic things.


Stani Army said...

Why did you cut out the answer to the sexiest man in the world bit? It was me wasn't it? The answer was me that's why.

See, even men like me. Although I must make clear guys, I studied biology and I'm all Katie Melua's so back off.

Purna said...

I love how the question was 'favourite soccer player' and he says Ronaldo, but I don't like him much :P.

Great video! Glad he answered the tough questions for once :P

sunny said...

Stani, even self-delusion had its limits. And you have surpassed those.

I had to rehear that Ronaldo part to actually get what he was saying Pu.
Yeah, it was the unusual kind of interview, that's why I thought of posting it. Had the questions been in email form, he would have left them blank in reply. ;)