Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Furball Monsters for WC Support

I'm slightly bored.

Or maybe I don't have much of an idea what to write so I'm staying silent, but staying silent for a bit too long gets all too weird, so I thought I'd say hello with this post and most nobly ask all of you whether you'd want one of those silly furball monster cartoons to show your support- like the one I have in my sidebar.

I know most of you are grownups...but still. You don't need to get all grownuppy in a World Cup. So if you feel like, ask me what you'd want to be written in the support banner and let your gigantic support for your WC team shine high and eye-dazzlingly bright through this monster on your profile pics of whatever wonderful social network, website or thing on the internet you're using. You can also paste it on your waterbottles if you want, of course.
That makes you so more childlikey and so less grownuppy which is pretty cool.

Okay, I'm going mad, but here it is:

Ps. I know the original message being erased isn't looking neat but that's easy to be changed. Didn't feel like doing it right now.


tracerbullet007 said...

"Team India, FTW!"

Stani Army said...

Can I have "South Africa, World Cup chokers"

Very similar to yours, I know.

sunny said...

You're kidding, aren't you Stani?

Btw, these are only meant for support, NOT making fun of other teams. ;)

Stani Army said...

It is support. It's gonna fire them up!

Actually, I think the Saffas are gonna win it. They've always needed a quality spinner and they have him now in Imran Tahir.

There, happy?

sunny said...

Not happy. I know you're indirectly suggesting they're going to win because of a Stani....which I don't actually mind. So yes, happy I am. :)

Pay per head said...

haha that is a nice furball monster, but I do get what it says, I cannot see the letter very well :S