Sunday, 20 February 2011

Who Wants an Associate Chicken Legpiece?

I know that's weirdly titled, but that's how I was thinking when Sehwag was gobbling up Bangladesh like marshmallows. And then I had to ponder over the poor fate over the not so strong sides participating in the cup, and how their genocide will gradually start, and how I will be left with a queasy stomach...

Ps 1-But not if it's South Africa doing it. I'm allowed to be biased.
Ps 2- My word, just see how Kenya were roasted today.

So that actually had me thinking whether the poor lads were better off playing a World Cup or not. If I were a chicken, which is something very queasy to imagine, I'd hide under berry-bushes rather than have myself fried into a BBQ. I would of course be a very coward kind of chicken but it'd at least save my life, but that's CLEARLY not how the Associates think.

They're brave chickens.

They want to fight the tigers, the elephants and the king kongs of the world.

They usually end up being fingerlickin' good tidbits, but sometimes they actually can peck out the eye of the monster they're facing.

And that's why some of them need to be given the opportunity.

But now the ICC doesn't want plucky chickens to parade in cricket world cups anymore and have reduced the number of teams to 10.
In one way that's okay considering I don't have to see chickens being devoured so often which is repulsive and slighty boring.
But it's not very nice to the Associates who aren't really fond of being left out like that. Some bloke from Cricket Kenya said:
"We are disturbed about the whole issue."

I told you they are brave chickens. Now they're cuckoo chickens too.

It's not smart if you want to develop cricket in other countries, (but it's not as if the ICC was ever very concerned with that anyway)- 12 teams could at least have been allowed. Or if that is too big a request, what do the smart gents think of allowing the Associates play against the Test nations apart from a WC occasionally?

It's necessary because without the chickens cricket isn't really global.

And because I love chickens.


Soulberry said...

I think ICC wants plucky chickens to strut their stuff. But when chickens begin too quack, they need to go to th duck farm.

I'm a vegetarian by the way.

Anonymous said...

The fate of Kenya and the Bangas has sparked the old discussion again - should the minnows be allowed to play. It is painful to watch, but will these teams ever improve if they don't ever play against the big sides?

tracerbullet007 said...

All I got from that post was 'I love chickens!'
and where is my furball monster, anyway?

sunny said...

I'm sorry SB, this post must have been a horror to read then for you.

It's unlikely they will improve otherwise, but they'd better play the big nations apart from a WC. It's such a big event and it can't afford too many one-sided performances.

The post has hardly got anything to do with my chicken love, tracer, just read it as Associate=chicken and you will get it.
And about the monster, I'm sorry for the delay, I had work on my head and wasn't well so I'll try sending it today.