Saturday 26 February 2011

A Pakistan 'the Good, the Bad and the Ugly'

The way the Stanis are winning these days must be scaring at least some teams their pants off. Because the Stanis are winning despite their typical derangements, and any team which can win without playing very sane and consistently adhering to the ritual of doing something oddball, is, well as I said, SCARY.

Yesterday's game was one where the Lankans might have been tipped to win, but instead they now have to rue the loss of Chamara Silva who has reportedly been strangled. Hahaha, Sangakarra laughs manically, he hates tortoises.

Towards the goodies, badies and uglies now.

The Good

- The Stanis winning. Their madness is the most likeable when they win, and we need likeable madness in cricket. Oh, absolutely.
- Batting. The 'Stanis can bat' tag is now permanent.
- Misbah-ul-Haq is batting like he's the bloody captain and that's great because he isn't.
- Shoaib Akthar. He told me if he's going to take a fiver this World Cup, he'll give me a free flight over Madagascar.
- Hafeez getting runout. I didn't see it, but apparently it was the best case of a couple of players' brains getting stolen by an evil bogeyman (you have to believe in those) for a few seconds.
- Cap'n Shahid. I think he can bowl.

The Bad

-The fielding. Today I'm introducing the 'Stanis can't field' tag.
- Umar Gul. Ever since I heard about his legendary reverse-swing, I've seen a bowler being loved by the batsmen more and more. Too, too expensive.
- Misbah-ul-haq still has the audacity to try and play *that* shot.

The Ugly

Kamran Akmal looking like a pistol in a jumping pose. Pistols fire and cause destruction but Kakmal was crap yesterday so it's a shame he's trying to look like one.

"Go get that ball, ye scoundrels or I'll fire myself."


tracerbullet007 said...

One thing about this new found consistency I don't like about the Pakistanis ------> their new found consistency!!
Where o where is the 'mercurial' Pakistan I love to watch? :(

Anonymous said...

Aaaah, Kakmal - my big teddy bear. I do love him.

This was one of those matches that had me torn. I claimed to be supporting SL on the day, but in truth I wasn't sure. They are both in Australia's group and I want them both to lose a couple. I put in an order for a tie, but it arrived too late because I got it yesterday instead.

Purna said...

You didn't see the run out? It was epic. The two batsmen intentionally stood a mile apart from each other while the decision was being made. It looked like they were trying very hard not to duel with their bats.

sunny said...

They heard you tracer...they're mercurial but still winning. Awesomely strange, this.

Teddy bear? I'm sure Stani and I don't entirely agree with this... ;)
Well the Stanis are in the QFs now so you can support them when they're not playing Australia.

sunny said...

I don't think I've missed much then, Pu. If they'd really started dueling, now that would have been pretty epic.

tracerbullet007 said...

Yup, Pakistan just about managed to avoid another tournament upset. This, just after I wrote that weaker associates like Canada should not feature in World Cups.