Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Case of Errupting One's Brain

I'm high.
I galloped over galaxies in the sky
Where Indians were frying Nehra into a braai.

The stars melted into pots of gold,
Bronze statues of Robbie P stood everywhere,
A couple of Steyn ones were also near.

Rainbows came cascading down,
Illegal King Hash became the sun at dawn,
The world was glorious with a gold-tipped crown.

The load was great, my skull grew fissures.
There was kaboom and my brain spat out,
Tidbits of it on the wall.
But for a joy well fought,
A bit of brain less wasn't the end of it all.


Leela said...


(Ok, now I'll go and hide in a corner.)

Unknown said...

Arghhhh! (pulling my hair off at the mention of Nehra and Peterson together)

tracerbullet007 said...

This ain't over, Sunny....
A re-match in the knockouts beckon...

Devarchit said...


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sunny said...

Thanks Leela.
You don't need to hide, I'm always very kind to those of the losing side.. *shows fangs*

Sridh, I can make an entire poem about Nehra and Robbie P, just for you. Should I?

Nope tracer, India will face the Stanis in one of those stages and get knocked out. (I mean, that's what I hope will happen).

Unknown said...

No, thank you Sunny... cannot bear an entire poem, at least for the next few days!

@tracer, there won't be a rematch in the Knockouts... simply because the famous 'choke' will this time come in the QFs! ;-)

tracerbullet007 said...

@shridhar its possible, isn't it? I dont know what all the fuss is about, and why this game should be considered a turning point for them...the point is, SA still has a shallow middle and lower order which will not get them through all the time...Right now, they are depending a lot on Amla, Kallis amd ABD...while I still rate them favorites, I can't help feeling that a cock-up is round the corner..

sunny said...

Boofus Biff might be the only one I'm a lot concerned about. The middle order showed it has some grit and can bat, but true, our other top 3 need to make a nice pack of runs first too often for that to happen.