Thursday, 17 March 2011

Windies, the Heartbreakers

Really, that didn't feel good.

The Windies just drained my anticipation of celebrating an England elimination through the gutter.
Sulieman Benn, you effin giant, why do you run like you're to be dealt with the bat of Vivian Richards? I can't comprehend why. Neither what England are doing in this World Cup.

I've had this feeling about England being the intriguing clowns of this World Cup, but clowns who eventually fail when it's time for their final big act. I so anticipated about being confirmed about this, but now I might have to wait till the quarters for that to happen.

And for all the right reasons, I hope they play a quarter final against the Stanis. Imagine that, cricket's two greatest jesters taking over the field and displaying the most enjoyable kind of insanity and buffoonery. Plus, to finish all this Stani-doppelganger business and see who the real Stanis are.

It's bad, bad for the Windies too. Gutted for them on missing out on a chance of becoming heart throbs. But still, they get the picture of the match.
It's Andre Russell who walks in the air on rocket shoes.


Stani Army said...

No one can imitate the Stanis, no one! Only we can imitate everyone else :)

tracerbullet007 said...

Oh Sunny...what are you gonna do if England face SA in the knockouts and defeat them?

Anonymous said...

That can't happen, Tracer. It just can't. My sanity depends on it.

sunny said...

You've mention a quality I hadn't really noticed of the Stanis before, Stani. But does that make them aliens?

Exactly. And my sanity depends on it too.

tracerbullet007 said...

Don't discount England yet..the way they are playing, it looks like the stars are aligned for a famous World Cup triumph, like Pakistan 92....

(Don't hold me to it!)