Saturday, 19 March 2011

Winning and Winning

Match One:

Under tense circumstances, (but still being brashly optimistic) the Deshis take the field. The South Africans post a goodish score.

A goodish score is obviously not what the Deshis wanted and so they play the "Heck, we're never going to make it" game and bundle out for 78. Lopsy and Robbie P are so formidable that them living in obscurity some 2-3 years back looks like a miracle.

At the post match presentation, Shakib utters that eternal word of captivating beauty, that word which has dabbled on the lips of countless criminals and rabble-rousers, and in typical movie sense, ultimately led to their their redemption: "Sorry".
He doesn't get any redemption but at least makes it safely to the hotel with his team.
That's better than redemption.

Match Two:

On a naughty wicket in Colombo, the Stanis take on the Aussies. The Aussies think they'll do better than the Deshis and go on to score a hundred more. But, "Sorry", says Umar Akmal. "I've got to be the MoM today and praise me and my bro. Gotta win this game".
The Aussies lose.

Yes they do.

First time since 1999 in a World Cup.

Feels good.


Unknown said...

Sunny, the only way now your team (South Africa) can play Australia is if both reach the finals. Ah, that might be an entertaining fight!

But my team (India) is very likely to play the Aussies in the QFs (if we beat Windies tomorrow) and thus, I want the finals to be India v. South Africa. Tantalising!

Anonymous said...

Both Umars were great yesterday, it was a very impressive display from Pakistan. It was also an impressive display from Brett Lee. Sadly, he was it for Australia.

So, Shridhar - India face Australia on Wednesday. I don't mind telling you, I'll be losing sleep on Tuesday night.