Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Return of Younis

The twitchy dude who retired from T20s more than a year back and later on got kicked out of the team for supposed unprincipled behaviour is back. WHAT? What do you mean what? We're talking about a Pakistani player here, so don't be surprised.

I knew Younis would be back. If mad monster Shoaib got back, then for Younis it's an easy peasy job. Of course there was this big brouhaha about him not complying with the universal PCB laws written and ordered by Beefy Butt, but now it's over and he's ready to play in all three formats of the game.

All three formats of the game.

Dear me. I think I'm losing track of the amount of Stani players who retire from one format and after a few months are back to play again. Afridi will be back for the Tests, folks.

"Fight me if you can cowards, I'm back to be captain again."

Younis also says he's "not in the race for captaincy". Now well, filthy fibber, is that the same as saying you're not interested in the job but smugly think they should be giving it to you all the same? You're going to be Stani captain in one year again Younis. At least in one format.

Interestingly, Younis is coming at the expence of MoYo going out. Out of all people, MoYo. Just when I thought victory had belonged to him he suffers this harmstring injury. MoYo was the winner because he very cunningly 'retired' after the PCB banned him unlike pleading his case as the others did, and wonderfully he was the first to return. So that's how you go to work morons, using the inexplicable power of the protest to get your thing done.

Gandhi would have been proud of you Moyo.


Suhas said...

Well, this is crazy. Just when I thought Younis had done the impossible for a Pakistani cricketer (ie. retire on a high, after winning that T20 championship last year).

Unknown said...

I wish to see an autobiography of MoYo once he retires (permanently). And yes, one from Ijaz Butt too... just want to know how the brain of a moron functions!

Stani Army said...

If you knew why didn't you tell us? That's very naughty of you.

What Yousuf did was think 'If I'm not a Pakistani cricketer then they can't punish me', hence he quit...until he was needed again.

I thought Yousuf did a groin? Adductor muscle I read...that's in the groin right? I know because I've pulled one myself at footy....being the finely tuned machine that I am....ahem.

It may be less then a year before Younis is captain. If Misbah doesn't do well in these two Tests then Younis is the only one to turn to really. Misbah will be under a lot of pressure also...and with Yousuf potentially missing....

pj_king said...

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sunny said...

I think the record of retiring on a high for a Pakistani player belongs to Imran Khan alone. But he was then the smartest and most charming of all.

Sridh, I think you might only be getting a biography of MoYo, I don't think he's interested in writing one himself. And know how the brain of a moron functions, there are plenty of other folks out there whose autobiographies you could read.

sunny said...

Naughty? Not at all, just secretive. The info could fall in the bad hands of guys like..guys, Stani.

I ditched Bio a while ago, so I can't help you out. I read it was a hamstring injury, that's all.
I'm sure Younis will be captain again in Tests soon. Most logical choice, Misbah getting selected for the post was something I didn't get.

sunny said...

I'll have a look pj.

Stani Army said...

Smartest and charming? Tell us more :)

Me bad hands? I've got lovely hands, metaphorically and otherwise. In fact, I've been told so on a number of occasions. Whatever.

Well you shouldn't have ditched bio should you?

Stani Army said...

"The Return of Younis"...coincides with the disappearance of Sunny. Are they the same person? Have they ever been seen in the same place at the same time? Is she now being held captive by her favourite kidnapper Ijaz Butt? Questions, questions.

sunny said...

Oi, stop speculating Stani, I'm back. Sad news for you, I know. :P
And how can you even imagine me and Younis to be the same person? And Butt kidnapping me? Stani, which mystery novel are you reading these days?

Uhm..well Imran won the Stanis a WC didn't he? And then he appears to be a likable politician too. Makes him a smart and charming bloke, right?