Monday, 25 October 2010

SA vs Stanis Mentals

South Africa's season against Pakistan FINALLY starts tomorrow. For me, that's after three bloody years of waiting, as after those series in 2007 where the Stanis ridiculously lost the last one dayer, I had scampered off to search for the next series dates and that was 2010. Time passes, doesn't it?

Anyhow, these series are so highly anticipated because I have all the reasons in the world to watch them. The Saffers and Stanis are two teams I love watching see how they take the shit out of other teams, so that normally puts me in a sort of dilemma when they play each other. My support tilts normally in the Proteas' favour, but a Stani win doesn't disappoint me then so much. How nice.

I'm predicting it to be a wonderfully exciting series, so you absolutely need to know what I think will be happening through this Mental preview.

Matches- Alright, the tour starts with two Twenny-twennies, the first to kick off tomorrow. After that we have 5 ODI matches which will most likely not be rained off because it's pretty hot in the UAE, as it is in India, but unlike India, it almost never rains there. After that we've got 2 tests and the idiots behind this I fail to recognise. 2 tests are worse than having to do with a half cup of tea.

Expectations and all that blah- Aha. If the Stanis were playing in the Saffers' backyard, I'd say they would be losing easily most of the games. But since the series is in the UAE, I expect at least one drawn test match and a few Stani wins. It could be the opposite too of course, I've never fancied playing the role of Nostradamus.

N- I'm going to imagine something for this N. Later.

T- Same goes for T.

Ass-kicking abilities (both teams)
The Saffers are usually heartless juggernauts when it comes to bilateral series. Batting looks great at the moment, especially with Hash and AB in form.
There are a couple of young lads too, and they're all trying hard to play the World Cup.
The Stanis are always busy locating their lighter, and the moment they do, they'll ignite themselves. And then they will win. Bowling still looks their best part, and then there's mad monster Shoaib still running around. You wonder how he's still alive.

Losing abilities
If Rusty doesn't continue with his campaign of conquering the world well, the Saffers might be in trouble with their bowling. Wait, there's Dale and Morkel...but how the UAE pitches will work for them I don't know. Get yourself an Imran Tahir, idiots.
Buffalo Biff might be a factor too. If he grows warts on his nose, he will be running around with his hands on it instead of picking at it, as he does now.
And the Stanis? Batting....batting.....batting.....fielding. Don't mention.

I know it's a bit of a lousy post probably, and I'm doing it after several days, but someone's come to stay at my house for a while which basically makes it a privilege to getting some time on the net. And I can't have my guest running away from my place either. I know the booby traps of Home Alone otherwise very well, you know.


mspr1nt said...

you forgot match fixing abilities, this is a bookie's dream.

sunny said...

I did think of it, but didn't really want to darken the mood before the series start.
I hope we have none of it in the tour. A few stricter steps taken by the ICC could have acted as deterrent measures though.

Unknown said...

I'd love to see Amla bat against Pakistan. He's one of the better players of spin in that team... for that matter, he's one of the better batsmen against on South Africa against any bowler at that moment.

Though the sad news for me is that I will not be able to follow any cricket at all for the next one month. Like it was for you sometime back Sunny, this time its me with the study pressures!

The silver lining on the cloud is that I will be free from 24th November onwards... on the eve of the day when Australia and England walk out at the Gabba to commence their Battle for the Urn!

Anonymous said...

Stani's Mentals - I love it!

If anyone has losing abilities, it's the Pakistanis (says the girl whose team was bowled out for 89 by them ay Headingley). You know what I'm saying, though, right?

Masuud said...

That 5th ODI collapse, hence Pak losing the series. Gee, you have a good memory!
Loved it, since it has a touch of deja vu for me (used to be crazy about saffas in 90s).

Suhas said...

Stani Mentals is just about perfect..when you consider Afridi probably broke the record for fastest quarter-century yesterday

sunny said...

Hash has got a few weaknesses, but he's been able to handle most bowlers well so far. Lovely to watch.
That's sad to hear Sridh, but you'll at least be able to catch the Ashes and WC (time when my exams start). :(
Btw, taking out an hour for cricket isn't a bad thing, you need a bit of relaxation during the exams you know. ;)

sunny said...

Of course I do Sid. It's a Stani specialty, losing when it seems impossible and sometimes winning when it seems impossible too. That's why I find them to be such an interesting bunch.

I could never forget that match Masuud. I was secretly happy when Pakistan lost that one (rest at home were supporting Pak). ;)

Fastest quarter century...I think you might be right Suhas. We've got a question for Steve at Cricinfo now.

Unknown said...

Sunny, the way its going at the moment, I have been taking out an hour here and there for my studies... :)

But yes, I am lucky that I am not going to be busy in December... when there will be a huge supply of quality cricket - the Ashes and India's tour of South Africa!