Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ingram defeats Stani Madman: 1st T20

You wonder how Shoaib Akhtar is still alive. As a cricketer, I mean. Apart from his body's Freddie like capabilities, you'd think the PCB would have been able to exterminate him from Pakistan cricket by now, but he has miraculously survived. Nothing more than proving he's a monster for real. Cool.
Even cooler was that over of his were he got two wickets, and with it you could wash down the shit that Pakistan's batting was. I wasn't really pleased (damn, remember you had to be the best batsman AB?), but few things in cricket are as good to watch as a sweaty Shoaib taking wickets and imitating fighter planes. Woohoo, an F-16 with oil spluttering over it. Fabulous.

Right, can we now come to the gazillionth time towards the Stanis batting woes? They've got serious problems, as you already know, but the seriousness of the matter is emphasized by how they tumbled to 120 runs after such a fantastic start. I really need a model of Afridi's brain too, and figure out whether common sense exists there at least in 0.1 percent. I'm afraid I'll be disappointed.

The Saffer batting looked a bit sick at the start (but that happens when Boofus Biff is on the screen), but if you thought they would lose, then you forgot about Ingram. Aha, Ingram. Yes, great lad isn't he? He even made JP look nice. Or maybe it was JP actually getting some runs which made him look nice.

Saeed Ajmal kickstarted the scary fielding episode of the Stanis again, but the fielding still won from the batting. In scoring bad marks, that is.

So that's it from here, I'm really looking forward to seeing today's match, hearing Waka-Waka blare across the stadium, see Rusty advancing in his world domination, and also see Mohammad Asif invading the stadium while Veena Malik sings ballads on the roof.

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